International Level Silver Medalist 2022

Technoxian world robotics championship 2022 ( Senior innovation catagory ) New Delhi, India


Hydrogen-Ethanol Fuel Powered Bike



I never thought that one day I will fly the flag of India at the global level. But today I understand that dreams can be fulfilled if you try,if you gives your best.


Since this competition is of global level, the level of difficulty of the competition was very high, Iran a country that is currently ranked among (Robotics) the developing countries than India, participated in this competition and also other countries is participated in this competition. But I tried my best, i give my best And finally my efforts paid off and I got silver medal at International level, It was a very important day for me till today.


I would like to thank you again Government of India To giving mi apportunity to showcase my innovation at global Level.

Other Competition Award's

Shark Tank

Best Business Idea Pitch ( Secured Second Position) National level

I won National Level Second Place In The "Shark Tank" Best Business idea Pitch competition conducted as part of Alegria-The Festival of Joy 2023,Organised By Mahatma Education Society's Pillai Group of Institutions at Dr. K.M. Vasudevan Pillai campus, New panvel, Mumbai.


Hydrogen-Ethanol Fuel Powered Bike.I never thought that one day I will Pitch my Business idea in front of investors And in front of Different Company's CEO'S.

News Article on My Innovation

Maharashtra state, India

Below including Tellivision News, Social media Video, Newspaper Articles's.

Tellivision News
Lokshahi News Network Chanel Maharashtra, India.

My Innovation Broadcasted On Tellivision "Lokshahi News Network Chanel".This is a very happy and proud news for me; Today something happened which raised my status in society.Until today, the information about the research done by me was Published through the newspapers and through social media,But today information about my research was "broadcast on television"lokshahi channel is one of the popular news channel in Maharashtra,India.I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to "LOKSHAHI" Television Channel.They came to Satara At my Workshop and saw my research and broadcast it on their television channel on 28/July/2022 At that time, Lokshahi tellivision team congratulated me on my research and wished me good luck in my future endeavors

Social media platform
1 Million Views Reached & 50k likes

"1 Million Views reached " on social media platform, This shows how many people are going to benefit from my research in upcoming years....You can see Detail videos of my research on social media (Instagram) The credit of this video goes to "Indian Farmer" Social media team as she has tried to make my research available to more people In this regard. (Video Language Is Hindi) Subtitles Not available.

Newspaper Article
Hydrogen-ethanol Fuel Powered Bike

It is a very happy and proud news, Recently passed The World Robotics Championship was held At Indira Gandhi Stadium, New Delhi (India) from 21 to 22 August 2022.i was received Silver Medal At International Level regarding that the news has been published in the various newspaper in Maharashtra state, This is proud moment for mi.

I Completed my diploma in mechanical engineering Now I pursuing B.Tech (3rd year) In Mechanical engineering.

_Vikrant Subhash pawar.